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VO Vocaloids is a site for VO member to post their UTAU/Fanmade UTAU/Fanmade Vocaloid's information.

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Just watch out for those spinning leeks!

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Latest Fanmade Vocaloid Characters:

Shitagaune Kango (Foliage4)

Kagamine Midori (Alexander-After)

Kagamine Aoi (Alexander-After)

Other Fanmades: Fanmade VO-Vocaloids

Latest UTAU Characters:

Huna Atsushi (UTAUfail)

'Ailana Utaumono (UTAUfail)

Nane Kii (chocovanillajess)

Sachi Eika (Jadii)

Ceoil Eika (Jadii)

Other UTAU's: VO-UTAU's

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