------Main Information-------

Name: Seven D Virus)
Series: Fail Vocaloids
Age: ??
Height: ??
Voice Range: ???
BPM: Varies
Gender: Male
Birth Date: ???

------Other Info-------
Nationality: Japanese Virus
Creator: ???
Voicebank: TBA
Voice Actor: Travis Maier (Tyrath77)
Voice Origin:
Character Item:
  1. Wikia
  2. Keyboard
  3. Chains

Headgear: Heads Up Display (HUD

Headphones:Part of HUD
Main Color: Green Black
Genre: Techno


Out of Rage Kuro Hasina basically split into 3 
Katashi, Kuro, and Sven. As Sven appeared he instantly Takes Over the VO WIkia Claiming it as his Kingdom. He Claims he will have Vocaloid Otaku but his creator Kuro desides to Take action and Delete Him. Why is he listed here? hes listed here because you have the right to know. if ever a Sven D Virus comes back

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