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Youtube Channels Edit

ymiyass900 Channel Edit

ymiyass900's Video Uploads - ymiyass900's Youtube Vocaloid Network. Composed of:

Upload Channel #1 (ymiya916)

Upload Channel #2 (ymiyaf1)

New Archive (ymiyass901)

Old Archive (ymiyass900)

Naturalistick Channel Edit

Megurine Luka Channel - The most updated Megurine Luka Channel!

Naturalistick Youtube

mikicayks Channel Edit

SF-A2 miki Channel - Delicious miki uploads fresh off the presses!

mikicayks Youtube

yukipops Channel Edit

Kaai Yuki uploads for all your loli needs!

yukipops Youtube

pkjd5 Channel Edit

pkjd5's Channel - Vocaloid and related material.

pkjd5 Youtube

Th3SilentOn3 Channel Edit

Hundreds of videos filled with UTAU goodness in one only channel!

Th3SilentOn3 Youtube

DanaArashi Channel Edit

Hop on Dana-chan's channel for all your UTAU 和音マコ Nagone Mako needs!

DanaArashi Youtube

Kodakami2 Channel Edit

Kodakami's a western Vocaloid producer on YouTube.

kodakami2 Youtube

Kentai92 Channel Edit

Kentai's a western Vocaloid producer on YouTube.

Kentai92 Youtube

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Vocaloid Music Encyclopedia Edit

Vocaloid Music hosted by Wetpaint


Vocaloid Otaku's own VOCALOID Wikia.

VO-Vocaloids Wikia

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VocaRadio BETA Edit

Project is on hiatus period.

HearJapan Edit

Largest international store for vocaloid downloads:

HearJapan's Vocaloid Selection

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