Fanmade Vocaloids are the various user-made forms of derived characters from the original Vocaloids. Some are only represented visually, and have no known voices, while others using the different octaves and/or voice configurations of an original. There are more than 1000 original Vocaloids combined, yet only a fraction of these are supported by their creators or other producers with actual singing or promotion. In Japan, these fanmade characters are never called "Vocaloids" on their own, but "characters derived from Vocaloids" or "derived characters". It is becoming (or perhaps already) outdated to mention various new derived characters, because of the number of official Vocaloid characters that has increased and the influence of UTAU, which allows production of a new character with an individual voice, the people who make new derived characters have completely decreased recently in Japan; Most emerging derivations are coming from non-Japanese sources now.

Names of Fanmade Vocaloids by their Last Name (Surname)







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